The Christmas party is now behind us at F1 Hoverpod Ltd and for now the dust has settled, allbeit not for long. The whole Team at the F1 Hoverpod Ltd group of companies are on a well earned break and I would like to be the first to congratulate them on a successfull year and just to say how proud I am of the who team for the effort they have all made.
The build up for this years Christmas party was at best situation of who will survive the night the longest and for others a case of “not again”. smiley

There was a great feel about the last two weeks before Christmas when the team took to dressing up in costumes relating the a Christmas theme and Colin (in a world of his own) for whatever reason decided that a 6′ tall bright pink fairy was his theme, although the hairy chest told it’s own story. smiley

There will be some exciting news announcements in the early part of the year and I will post these as soon as I have the approvement to do so from the press office and the enquiries regarding the potential new office in a far away place is something I will update you all about in the new year but for the time being all I can say is that I cannot confirm or deny it at this stage, stay tuned and all will become clear in good time.