Start of New Year

Well, it’s all go here at team HQ and for the staff and team members there is
some Breaking News to which is placed on top of everything else of which is
happening and all of which are gaining pace and momentum.

The important announcement for today is in reference to the
alleged Posting of Material considered to be of a libel nature on a web site
known as Rip off Report and the
identity of the posting was assumed to be protected. Not so and the Reaction of
which was that after a major investigation by Bing, Yahoo and Google combined
with a forensic team of internet science experts, the content of said posting
was considered and proven to be wholly untrue and without foundation. Whilst I’m
not at liberty to say who posted the slander and libel comments to the web site
Ripoff Report, what I can say is the
International Reaction to such comments will be felt throughout the Hovercraft
fraternity to which has an extremely loyal fan base.

The Conclusion by all three (3) of the major search engine
internet operators was to comply with the law as set out in the countries affected
by said comments and I am pleased to say that those very damming comments have
been removed in full. The action and investigation has taken some 5 years in
total to conclude and whilst the team at F1
Hoverpod Ltd
and it’s associate F1
Hoverpod Racing
Ltd have had to burden the assumed guilty by so many, the perpetrator
has simply hidden behind a IP address to which they assumed was safe. “Not So”
I’m glad to confirm.

Now that F1 Hoverpod
has managed to confirm a 100% clear conscience and maintain its dignity, its
business as usual and back to the plan and brining the world a brand new Motor
Sport where the whole family can join in and enjoy.

Press Office