Latest News from F1 Hoverpod Ltd

The exciting news from the home front about F1 Hoverpod Ltd is in many ways a
continuation of developments surrounding the business and team continues going
from strength to strength in a very positive and efficient way, all of this on
the back of what was at huge victory in the early part of 2012 regarding the
very damming comments posted on the internet of which in the end the truth
finally came out. Whilst the truth was all that was sought from the team, the
deleting of such content was something that all of the big three major search
engines were so sympathetic to our plight and were so professional in the way
they dealt with the problem and were so very kind in assisting in the removal of
the now proven to be libel comments from the internet under the instruction and
guidance of the independent body “Chilling
”. The panel of which are a body of professional experts chosen from
the legal world as well as academia and who combine there efforts to assess the
content and all of the trace elements of where, why and who posted such
information and confer to conclude and base the final outcome/decision upon the
reality and not the gossip. The outcome was a total victory for F1 Hoverpod who was totally exonerated
of any wrong doing and now the Lawyers take up the task of damages action which
now starts in regards to the party or parties whom posted such content. smiley

It’s now late March and has seen plenty of good progress
within the team of F1 Hoverpod Ltd
and with the corporate structure and board changes amongst some of the
developments from within the group of
companies, it’s been a very welcome and pleasant surprise that arrived in early
March with an invite from a very prestigious Institution requesting that the
team present a lecture to the academics regarding the pathway and developments
of F1 Hoverpod and its partner
company F1 Hoverpod Racing of which
has attracted so much media and personal interest from around the globe, in
most recent times of which the gossip columns have now confirmed has come from
the Middle East and Asia. What I am allowed to confirm today is that the
progress and discussions are an ongoing situation and all in a positive manor,
so for the short term I can say the signs are truly encouraging at this early

As many of you who are fans of social networking now know by
following us on Facebook, there has been a well documented tour of Europe
organised by some of the key members of the team with the intention of drawing
attention to the business and to encourage the interest from within those
countries to show some support for the business and bring the subject of
Hoverpod Racing into the arena and once again the news from the front line is
that this trip was a huge success, a planned further trip to Switzerland and
Central Europe is potentially in the offering and I will confirm this as and
when the timing has been confirmed.

and F1
Hoverpod Racing
have now connected with Google + and created two new sites
for you to enjoy and in which you can follow the daily activities and much of
the developments as they happen. We do like to encourage you to leave your
comments and feedback and even upload your pictures etc if you wish and I can
confirm the whole team enjoy reading your comments and the all too often humour
and I’m sure will appreciate your pictures or holiday snaps if you wish. (make
us jealous) Spring has at last arrived and we do anticipate even more progress
and the postings in the forth coming weeks should help to keep you tuned in and
be the first to hear the news from F1 Hoverpod Ltd as it happens.

Team manager