If we are to belive the weather office in the UK we must accept their findings that the UK is in sever drought. In God’s own county of Yorkshire, we have had three weeks of drought by day and drought by night, so much drought that the rivers are all in flood and the reservoirs are all overflowing which is a pretty sight to see but after three weeks of drought falling from the skies, I’m fed up of drought. smiley

For all of our friends and families in the South of England it’s a totally different story. They are suffering a hose pipe ban and a sever lack of water to which one wonders why we in the north can’t help in some way. We have buckets of drought to spare but with no practicle solution to sending it to you. The weekend outlook is for up to 2 inches of rain…. “er” drought to fall in my area with even more for the South. I suppose the weather experts will then tell us it’s all fallen in the wrong places !!!. smiley

On the possitive side, it’s great weather for a Hoverpod as the craft will travel across just about any surface whether it is water or land and as such the severe climate changes around the globe is something that F1 Hoverpod have taken on board as part of it’s development process for the future. A small light vehicle to which has the ability to travel at high speed across water, ice, snow or land was many advantages over conventional products to which have their own natural restrictions. The UK may be in drought but F1 Hoverpod is leading the way in technology for the future climate changes and potential disasters facing the world.

Team Manager